A beginning …

Fall Violin Picture ngb

Well, hello!

This is my very first blog post! My hopes for this blog are to chronicle some family adventures, write about projects I’m working on, and also to share things I’m learning in various realms of my life.

A little bit about me:

I am a follower of Christ, a wife to my kind husband, a mother of 5 creative and energetic children whom I homeschool, and a violinist (at least when I manage to grab a moment to practice).

I also love getting things done. However,  it is unbelievably challenging to try and accomplish anything other than the essentials in this season of my life. But I’m trying to focus on one or two projects at a time so I can make some progress in areas that will yield the most reward in time saved. My ultimate goal is to help things to run more smoothly so I have more time to focus on my family each day.

My desire is certainly to make progress in these tangible areas, but most importantly, to keep my focus on what’s important: LOVE. I want to be willing to drop whatever I’m doing at any moment to serve another and not allow my project de jour to ever take top priority:

Love God.

Love others.

More than anything else in this world.

So simple … yet so impossible without His grace and forgiveness.


We’ll see where this blog goes. I hope it can be an encouragement to you. I’d love to read your comments!


Noel 🙂


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